The nametag has indeed many advantages. It is the quickest way for a dog to be found. Most people will easily call the number on the nametag instead of driving the found dog to a local vet to check it for a microchip. Have in mind that vets won’t even charge for the microchip scan. 

name tagsNot only is the nametag very cheap and easy to be placed on your dog’s collar, but it is also visible, thus separating a lost dog from a stray one. That’s why the nametag is so popular. However, the nametag can at any time be cut and lost or deliberately removed. 

Apart from that, there is no legal proof that you are the owner of that dog, since anyone can go to a pet shop and buy a nametag and then write a dog’s name and a phone number on it. 

Most importantly it is not legal proof that the dog is yours in case someone won’t return your dog to you. On contrary with the microchip, the nametag does not need a registered vet to apply it since it can be bought from any pet shop. It is worth mentioning, though, that in the near future, the nametag will be a must and all dogs will legally need both a microchip and a nametag.

The best way to protect your dog in case it gets lost is the combination of both methods. So, better buy a nametag for your dog, as well as have your dog microchipped, since it is the only legal way of claiming your lost dog.