ferjemannsveien 10 7042 trondheim boka blood of elves på norsk pet-microchip-7It is a tiny capsule weighing about half a gram and has the size of a rice grain. When scanned, it presents a unique 15-digit number which represents the electronic identity of your dog. This number can retrieve both the dog’s (breed, etc) and the owner’s personal information which is registered on the veterinary services database. This is the most reliable method of electronic identification and is used around the world. The microchip can be read with a compatible scanner at a local veterinary clinic, anywhere in the world.

http://oppositehalf.live/2018/10 roman numbers in latex http://cupboardlong.space/2018/10 prise nintendo ds microchipGet-your-pet-microchippedIn case you lose your dog, the microchip is the most reliable way to find it. Announcing it to veterinarians in the area, sticking announcements or advertising in newspapers, magazines or on the internet will help, however, the surest way of finding your lost dog is through the microchip. Moreover, if your lost dog is missing for a long period of time or it is stolen, the microchip is a proof that the dog officially belongs to you. This 15-digit number is the most certain and legal way to prove that the dog is yours!

http://wantfurther.site/2018/10 vokaler og konsonanter engelsk http://soundman.site/2018/10 promotion of marketing The nametag has indeed many advantages. It is the quickest way for a dog to be found. Most people will easily call the number on the nametag instead of driving the found dog to a local vet to check it for a microchip. Have in mind that vets won’t even charge for the microchip scan. 

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fables sur les animaux http://movelisten.xyz/2018/10 fratakelse av rettslig handleevne Microchipping dogs does not only make it easier for the lost dog to be identified and for its owners to be found, but it mainly helps to deal with the phenomenon of stray animals and to prevent the abandonment of pets, thus creating a sense of responsibility among owners.

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gehirnkrankheiten die zum tod führen It is such a tiny chip that your dog won’t feel it at all! It is placed with a syringe by a vet , just like with the annual vaccination, only with a little thicker needle. It is usually placed between the dog’s shoulder blades, so there is no discomfort for the animal.


According to Cyprus legislation, all dogs older than 6 months of age have to carry a microchip. At the same time, the database of the veterinary services will be updated through your vet, with your dog’s details as well as your own personal details. After the registration with the veterinary services, you must register the dog at your local community/municipality. 

The microchip can also be implanted at an earlier age. Your vet can suggest whether a puppy can be microchipped.

Scientific research clearly demonstrates that the microchip does not cause any health problems or any discomfort during the life of the dog. Both the microchip and the scanner check at the vet do not transmit any radiation.

The average cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around 40 euros. However, this expense would seem minor to you if you consider that it will get your loving pet back to you after it has been missing from home!

25f2f4455f1e78e6961a0a676e270154It is the surgical operation which removes the ovaries and the matrix in female animals (spaying) and the testicles in male animals (neutering). The operation can be done by any registered vet.

kitten overpop chart

It is the most direct and best way to control unwanted animal births and reduce the huge numbers of stray animals. In Western European countries, neutering/spaying is a very common method for this purpose, which can no longer be doubted.


image5The argument against neutering/spaying is very common. However, think of a counterargument that we don't often think about: Don't we intervene in nature when we let our animals reproduce, giving uncontrolled puppy/kitten births that we cannot take care of later?


dog-surgeonOf course! A vet can confirm that spaying female animals prevents breast and ovarian cancer as well as pyometra. A bitch that is spayed before the first oestrous cycle has zero chance of developing cancer later on.


dog-elizabethan-collarNeutering/spaying in animals is a procedure performed under general anaesthesia.


Neutering/spaying equals’ weight gain is a myth. Indeed, after neutering/spaying, animals tend to eat more food, and if the owner does not pay attention to this, then their animal may put on weight.


In males, neutering is usually performed after the age of six months, and in females, spaying is performed after the first oestrous cycle (around the age of 10-12 months). However, it is recommended that you consult your vet for the ideal procedure for your pet, according to its breed, weight etc.

1621371781 1395879150Quite often people might make a rash decision to adopt an animal, usually because of their excitement and / or ignorance of the responsibilities of such an adoption. Most of us relate having a dog to the security of our home. Those of us who have children know the enthusiasm that our children ask for, and many times, persist on getting a pet for company – usually because they have seen one in a movie or their friends have already got one.


1. What do I have to do as far as his health is concerned?

From day one, it is recommended that you visit your vet. Giving your puppy the necessary vaccines is vital to its health as well as your own. Vaccines are usually given to puppies when they are 2 months old but it is possible to give the vaccines earlier. There are specific vaccines that must be given to your pet, at a specific order and according to its age.


Many people wrongly believe that if we want to adopt a dog it should only be purebred and not mixed-breed. The purebred dog is, however, bought from a breeder at a high price while the mixed breed is either saved from the streets or a shelter.

There are many advantages to getting a mixed breed puppy/dog.


We should, first of all, have the following in mind:


The first thing we should do is to make sure our dog is kept safe. It is necessary to have a fenced yard so that our dog cannot leave.


(a) My dog does not let me groom him/her

(b) My dog growls and barks when he/she sees old people or foreigners.

(c) My dog is scared of loud noises.