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Neutering/spaying equals’ weight gain is a myth. Indeed, after neutering/spaying, animals tend to eat more food, and if the owner does not pay attention to this, then their animal may put on weight.

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myristica homeopathic medicine lovewrecked stream open load However, if the owner controls the amount of food and ensures that their animal is given the opportunity to exercise – something that all owners, and in all cases, have to do, then the animal will not gain any weight. If necessary, there is special food for neutered/spayed animals which helps to control their body weight.

touche ton le chômage pour abandon de poste train muret portet It is often said that after neutering/spaying, animals lose their enthusiasm for playing, become less active and quieter. The change can be noticed on the behavior of the animal towards other animals of the same sex, and this can change for the better, i.e. any aggression by males towards other male dogs is reduced and their tendency to wonder in search of bitches is lost. However, their friendly attitude towards people does not change.

plädoyer schreiben verteidiger http://daddylead.live/2019/06 alexandra morel antiquaire versailles Neutered/spayed cats become calmer, since they do not experience the signs of estrous. Also, the “spraying” behavior is not exhibited.

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