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noorani qaida paket 19 view besiedlung europas steinzeit dog-surgeonOf course! A vet can confirm that spaying female animals prevents breast and ovarian cancer as well as pyometra. A bitch that is spayed before the first oestrous cycle has zero chance of developing cancer later on.

problèmes division cm2 http://lovemadam.live/2019/06 économie informelle en afrique Pyometra appears when the bitch has not been fertilized one month after the oestrous cycle. The matrix may then be filled with pus and toxins that deaden it, and these can even pass in the blood of the animal. This situation threatens the dog’s life and needs immediate veterinary operation.

baby kriegen videos see http://deathmakes.live/2019/04 traduction pote pd When neutering male animals, testicular cancer and anal glands are prevented. The chance of developing prostate cancer and perinea hernias is reduced. Other increased risk situations that require surgery by a veterinarian are also reduced.

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