The first thing we should do is to make sure our dog is kept safe. It is necessary to have a fenced yard so that our dog cannot leave.

If our dog is tall and big we should make sure that our fence is high enough, while if our dog is of small size we should make sure that there are no openings around the fence through which he/ she can pass. If we have gates with wide openings, we can use wired fencing to cover them.

The next thing we should have in mind is the weather conditions. It would be better if we made or bought a wooden dog house which we should keep in a place with much sun during the winter or in a cool place during the summer. On hot summer days we could also keep our dog or/and tiled floor wet.

Last but not least, we should always have clean water available in a rather large bowl as water tends to evaporate, especially during summer.

*It is important to have in mind that all dogs, either kept in the house or in the garden, need our attention. They need basic training, to play with us and go on walks several times daily.