Many people wrongly believe that if we want to adopt a dog it should only be purebred and not mixed-breed. The purebred dog is, however, bought from a breeder at a high price while the mixed breed is either saved from the streets or a shelter.

There are many advantages to getting a mixed breed puppy/dog.

To begin with, by adopting a stray from the streets or a shelter we actually save a life as we offer the dog a house and a family, something that under other circumstances he/she would never have. Moreover, we do not need to pay 500-1.150 euros, the cost of most purebred dogs. Adopting a dog from a shelter costs between 50 to 150 euros that usually cover the spay/neuter and vaccination fees. Additionally, a mixed breed dog has a more diverse genetic makeup than a purebred dog, and the size, appearance, and temperament of most mixed breed dogs can be well predicted. After all, mixed breeds are simply combinations of different breeds of dogs. So, if you can recognize the ancestry of a particular mixed breed puppy, you have a good chance of knowing how he/she will grow up, too. Moreover, mixed breed dogs offer several other advantages, as by adopting one you benefit from the combined traits of two or more breeds. That results in a dog that is less likely to be impacted by genetic defects common to certain purebred dogs. Therefore, mixed breed puppies/dogs have a better disposition and a much lower chance of being born with inherited congenital diseases, since the mating process naturally leaves out the defective genes. Such dogs are often considered the more “natural” dog and by adopting one you adopt a totally unique companion.