10294461 742139279159028 518010683021012530 nMany families that are looking to adopt a dog, pass by the adult dogs and as a result, they remain unclaimed for a long time.

Listed below are some reasons to adopt an adult dog.

1. What you see is what you get! You hate surprises?

Then choose an adult dog! From the start, you’ll know the dog’s size, if they shed or not, their character and their bad habits. This way, you can choose the right dog for your lifestyle and, of course, develop a special bond with your new family member.

2. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Adult dogs are easier to train as they are settled and can stay focused on you. They are calm and mature and they understand every single move or sound you make. Their harsh life either in the streets, shelters or pounds, made them eager to please the human who saved them so they try hard to do what you are asking.

3. No more teething!

Adult dogs have already changed their baby teeth so they normally do not have the urge to chew your favorite pair of shoes, your furniture or carpets. That means less destructions in the house and less training needed and most importantly, less problems for you and your family!

4. No more pee puddles!

Adult dogs are usually housebroken even if they have never lived inside a house. Even if they are not, they are easier to train. Also, an adult’s bladder “holds it” for longer, and they will be waiting for you to return home to take them for a walk to “do their job”, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning puddles in your house when you return from work! 5. Fewer expenses! An adult dog has fewer expenses than a young puppy. They need fewer visits to the vet and you won’t have to buy all sorts of chew toys for them to keep them destructed of your furniture! You will also need just one collar and lead as the dog will not grow anymore and you will not need a new collar every few months.

6. Socialization problems?

Worry no longer! An adult dog is usually already socialized with other dogs and humans and, in some cases, with cats as well. You won’t have to worry about getting your dog socialized or setting up their limits. Most adult dogs, know how far they can get and what their limits are so you won’t have to worry about learning your dog how to interact with others.

7. Save a life!

Adult dogs and especially older dogs are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized in shelters and pounds. People get swept away by the cuteness of puppies but they do not consider that an adult dog needs a new home more than a cute puppy. Adult dogs always remember that you saved them and they are grateful for the rest of their life, so be sure that you will have a happy and loving companion for many years to come.