Unfortunately, hit by car is a very common phenomenon in Cyprus. 

Also, a pet can be injured if it falls from a great height. 


  • We approach speaking reassuringly to the animal and wrap it in a blanket to calm. 
  • We check the mouth for any bleeding to prevent the risk of drowning and we also check the response of the dog / cat to visual stimuli to assess whether it has an area of ​​injured brain.
  • To assess whether the animal breathes:
  • We must look at the movements of the chest.
  • Put some cotton wool in front of nostril to see if it moves.
  • Put a mirror in front of the nostrils to see if it blurs.
  • In order to assess if heartbeats, we place our fingers in the left part of the breast or in the medial thigh.
  • If there is an external bleeding, we should stop it or at least control it until the transfer to the vet:
  • We gently tie the dog's mouth e.g. with a bandage, because when injured and shocked can bite no matter how calm is.


Caution: Never muzzle if the animal is vomiting or unconscious.


  • We put gauze or cloth or even our hand if we do not have anything of the above, directly on the bleeding point and press firmly without moving it. We do not remove the gauze or cloth if wet with blood, but we put another on top and continue to press firmly.


  • We must be aware that we cannot determine how serious the injuries are, as there may be internal bleeding or damage that cannot be detected, therefore we visit the vet immediately!