You are advised to keep a first aid kit containing the following items which might save your animal’s life in the critical moment.

The vet will give you guidelines for the use of its content. 


    • Elastic bandages

    • Sterile gauze

    •  Scissors

    •  Syringes

    •  Injectable cortisone

    •  Injectable atropine solution (an antidote to poisoning)

    •  Vomiting pill or injectable apomorphine (to induce vomiting in cases of poisoning)

    •  Thermometer

    •  Antiseptic solution - betadine

    •  Antibiotic ointment

    •  Eye drops

    •  Ammonia

    • Kit in case of snake bite (includes pump for the extraction of poison)


Caution: The use of injectable drugs with syringe should be made followed by the instructions and recommendations of the veterinarian. It is better to ask for the veterinarians’ guidelines in a regular visit, before the need to use them occurs.