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Did You Know?

You may not know that dozens of stray dogs are found in Cyprus every single day. The majority of them and specifically those who are not just lost, are deliberately abandoned by their owners for various reasons; if they are hounds, they may be "insufficient for hunting" if newborns " there may be too many and owners cannot keep them," 

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if they are old and belong to non-conscious owners, they "simply get bored of them" and abandon them. The fate of the abandoned former pets or the unwanted newborn 

puppies (often abandoned in bags in trash) seems bad…

Even if they survive from starvation, poisoning, accidents and hit by cars, they will either be collected by the municipality and in case they have no electronic identification (microchip) to identify their owners, they will end up in cages without adequate living conditions and medical care, or they will end up in the local shelter of the city they were found. In both cases they will be given a time frame to try to locate their owners, and if this does not happen, then there are two possibilities: If they are lucky, people will adopt them and save their lives. If not, they will most likely end up euthanized dogs because municipal and private shelters are overcrowded and there are not sufficient resources or capacity to keep them.

dog-euthanasiaAccording to estimations by Cyprus Voice for Animals, around 20.000 healthy or non-healthy dogs of all ages are killed by euthanasia each year in our country by the authorities and some shelters due to overpopulation. If this shocks you, according to the same survey, the abandoned dogs and puppies are about 170.000 per year. And if you wonder where these dogs are, as in Cyprus we do not see what we see in the streets of Athens for instance, this is because of legislation; it is forbidden for stray dogs to roam in streets. The fact that they are unseen, as they are kept in the above mentioned shelters and pounds or euthanized or poisoned by people, who wish to get rid of them from the streets, does not mean they do not exist. There are no exact figures for cats, though, as there are not so many shelters for them, but the numbers are
expected to be even bigger.

Of course, fate will smile to some of them who may be found by animal lovers who will foster them and attempt to find their owners. If all attempts to locate owners are unsuccessful then they will try to find new families to adopt them.


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How you can you help to combat the problem?

 "prevention is better than cure"; "cure" for stray animals is the reduction of their overpopulation, then neutering/spaying is the best "prevention" for unwanted births and therefore abandonment. Now you know... If you buy and breed, you are part of the problem. If you adopt and neuter/spay, you are part of the solution! If everyone who wants to have a pet chooses not to buy from breeders or pet shops and prefers to adopt from shelters or animal welfare associations, then a lot of these stray animals -usually non purebreds- will have the right to live. And because

If you buy or breed you are part of the problem!

If you adopt and spay you are a part of the solution!