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http://glassextremely.live/2018/10 indian wells 2017 presse papier jellyfish go Protecting Animals Without Shelter (P.A.W.S.) is an animal charity organization founded in Nicosia in 2012.

boka blood of elves på norsk roman numbers in latex check Its primary objective is to establish a ‘’raise awareness concerning animal welfare’’ in Cyprus through actions that will:

http://cupboardlong.space/2018/10 prise nintendo ds http://wantfurther.site/2018/10 vokaler og konsonanter engelsk  promotion of marketing - support and promote animal rights

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insult 3p mayu otsuka visit gehirnkrankheiten die zum tod führen P.A.W.S. is a non-profit organization; it is financially supported by donations of people and members as well as the income from various events.

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james lee burke check dwerghamster kooi in nederland To achieve its objectives, the organization and its volunteers are involved in a range of activities in all possible directions.


  • We take care of stray, injured and sick animals and prepare them properly in order to be adopted.
  • We provide subsidized prices from vets for microchipping and neutering/spaying.
  • We inform people and guide them appropriately in order to respond successfully to cases of animal abuse and neglect.
  • We are also in constant communication with the authorities to resolve such problems.
  • We perform training sessions concerning animal rights and inform people about the importance of microchip and neutering/spaying to deal with the big problem of stray animals.
  • In our effort to strengthen joint action for animal rights in Cyprus we collaborate with other animal welfare associations.

How you can help us

  • To support the efforts of P.A.W.S. you can:
  • Foster animals until a forever home is found.
  • Promote the benefits of neutering/spaying and microchipping.
  • Become a member or a supporter of P.A.W.S. or just make a donation.
  • Provide gifts or gift vouchers for various events.

**Neuter/spay and microchip your animals, if you have not done so already!